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Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate All types of Chocolate can cause problems, but dark chocolate creates the most problems. Below is a chart for toxicity levels.  Common signs of chocolate poisoning include: restlessness, increased heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination and excitability. Treatment needed will depend on the pet's weight and the type of chocolate consumed.

On average,

Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz.

Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz.

Baker's chocolate 390mg/oz.


  Milk chocolate (3 ounces toxic for 10 lb dog)

  Semisweet chocolate (1.3 ounces toxic for 10lb dog)

  Baker's chocolate. (.45 oz toxic for 9 lb dog)

Milk Chocolate (60 - 66 mg/oz or 2.12 - 2.33 mg/gram of methylxanthines)

WeightMild ReactionModerate to Severe Reaction
5 lbs2.27 kg0.75 oz21.26 gm1.5 oz42.53 gm
10 lbs4.5 kg1.5 oz42.53 gm3.0 oz85.05 gm
20 lbs9.1 kg3.0 oz85.05 gm6.0 oz170.10 gm
30 lbs13.6 kg4.5 oz127.58 gm9.0 oz255.15 gm
40 lbs18.2 kg6.0 oz170.10 gm12.0 oz340.20 gm
50 lbs22.7 kg7.5 oz212.63 gm15.0 oz425.25 gm
60 lbs27.3 kg9.0 oz255.15 gm18.0 oz510.30 gm
70 lbs31.8 kg10.5 oz297.68 gm21.0 oz595.35 gm
80 lbs36.4 kg12.0 oz340.20 gm24.0 oz680.40 gm

Semi Sweet Chocolate (150 mg/oz or 5.29 mg/gram of methylxanthines)

WeightMild ReactionModerate to Severe Reaction
5 lbs2.27 kg0.3 oz8.51 gm0.6 oz17.01 gm
10 lbs4.5 kg0.6 oz17.01 gm1.2 oz34.02 gm
20 lbs9.1 kg1.2 oz34.02 gm2.4 oz68.04 gm
30 lbs13.6 kg1.9 oz53.87 gm3.6 oz102.06 gm
40 lbs18.2 kg2.1 oz59.54 gm4.2 oz119.07 gm
50 lbs22.7 kg2.5 oz70.88 gm5.0 oz141.75 gm
60 lbs27.3 kg3.8 oz107.73 gm7.6 oz215.46 gm
70 lbs31.8 kg4.2 oz119.07 gm8.5 oz240.98 gm
80 lbs36.4 kg4.8 oz136.08 gm9.6 oz272.16 gm

Baking Chocolate (~450 mg/oz or 15.87 mg/gm of methylxanthines)

WeightMild ReactionModerate to Severe Reaction
5 lbs2.27 kg0.1 oz2.84 gm0.2 oz5.67 gm
10 lbs4.5 kg0.2 oz5.67 gm0.4 oz11.34 gm
20 lbs9.1 kg0.4 oz11.34 gm0.8 oz22.68 gm
30 lbs13.6 kg0.6 oz17.01 gm1.2 oz34.05 gm
40 lbs18.2 kg0.8 oz22.68 gm1.6 oz45.36 gm
50 lbs22.7 kg1.0 oz28.35 gm2.0 oz56.70 gm
60 lbs27.3 kg1.2 oz34.05 gm2.4 oz68.04 gm
70 lbs31.8 kg1.4 oz39.69 gm2.8 oz79.38 gm
80 lbs36.4 kg1.6 oz45.36 gm3.2 oz90.72 gm

* Mild reactions may be seen at ~ 20 mg/kg
* Moderate to severe reactions may be seen at doses over 40 mg/kg
* Cardiotoxicity may be seen at ~ 50 mg/kg
* Seizures are possible at doses over 60 mg/kg
* Any dose over 40 - 45 mg/kg should be considered potentially life-threatening
* 100 mg/kg is the LD50, meaning that at this dose half of the animals will die; animals can die from exposures well below the LD50