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Pet First Aid Kit

What's in Your First Aid Kit?

First thing to remember is that the following information is to help prepare you for an emergency and it DOES NOT replace the directions of a licensed veterinarian.

Having a well stocked emergency kit on hand for your pets can be a life saver. Preparing a kit is easy and inexpensive. It should be kept in an area that is easy and quick to obtain. Schedule a quarterly check of both your human and pet's kit for expired, damaged or missing product.

1. A waterproof container to store everything in.

2. The phone numbers and directions to veterinary emergency hospitals.

3. The number for the ASPCA's Poison Hotline.

4. A muzzle. You can use a leash, neck tie, gauze, a stocking, etc. as a muzzle.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

6. Benadryl

7. Tweezers

8. Stretch gauze

9. Sterile gauze 2" by 2"

10. Eye wash

11. Plastic eye dropper

12. Adhesive tape 2"

13. Nail clipper

14. Hydrocortisone cream

15. Non-latex or rubber gloves

16. A pair of scissors

17. Cotton swabs18. Cotton balls

19. Pepto Bismol

20. Artificial tears

21. Styptic power

22. Roll gauze 2" and 3" rolls

23. Wooden tongue depressor

24. Rectal thermometer

25. Cloth or leather gloves

26. Sterile gauze 4" by 4"

27. Short sturdy stick for a splint

28. Needle-nose pliers

29. Rubbing alcohol

30. KY jelly

31. Current vaccination history

32. Different size plastic syringes

33. Betadine solution

34. A bottle of Dawn liquid detergent