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Free Vaccines for Life

vaccinationsLanoka Oaks Veterinary Center is now offering Free Vaccines for Life.

Premise of the Plan - Once a pet (dog or cat, puppy or kitten) is "enrolled", any vaccines he or she receives are free for its lifetime.

Cost of the Plan - There is a one-time enrollment fee of $135.00 per dog and $105.00 per cat.

Obligations by you, the pet owner
a. The pet must be examined by a LOVC doctor once a year to keep the plan active.
b. All other charges (exams, laboratory testing, medications, etc.) are charged at normal price. There is an exam fee whenever vaccines are given.

Special vaccine orders – Any special order vaccines or vaccines not routinely recommended are NOT included.

Refunds – A refund can be given, however it will be prorated based on the vaccines previously administered.

Depending on what you currently pay for vaccines, the age of your pet at enrollment, and its vaccine schedule, the plan will provide substantial savings.

While a vet exam is only required once a year to keep enrollment current for adult dogs/cats, we do perform exams for puppies and kittens under 4 months of age every 3-4 weeks. For pets 7 years and over, we recommend exams every 6 months.